What is the Djenerates Wallet?
A web 3.0 APP that provides utility for Djenerates Collection Holders. Via the wallet you can earn BEETZ and redeem rewards.

What are BEETZ (BTZ)?
BEETZ tokens are ERC-20 tokens that circulate as rewards in the Djenerates Wallet. BTZ Tokens are non transferable and are designed to support an ecosystem of utility for the community.

What rewards can I claim with BEETZ?
BEETZ can be used to get exclusive NFTs, discounts on merch from the Djens Store and tickets to real life events.

How do I earn BEETZ?
When you login to the wallet there will be a number of ways to earn BEETZ Tokens. Complete missions such as following Spotify playlists, Twitch Channels and more. Each week we will add more bounties so you can earn more BEETZ and claim more special offers.

Who can earn BEETZ?
Anyone who joins the program will have the opportunity to earn BEETZ however some giveaways and offers will only be available to Djenerates NFT collection holders. To gain full access visit the profile section and connect your Metamask to import your Djens and Spirit Animals.