Amnesia Ibiza's Decentraland SuperClub Virtual Launch Party Hosted by Djenerates

DJENERATES & The Metaverse

The Metaverse offers a range of new and unique possibilities for artists and music lovers to engage in ways never possible before in the online world. Exploring this new paradigm of virtual worlds and building feature rich experiences within it is not just a roadmap item for the Djenerates but a flagship focus. Meta-clubbing, streaming, music discovery and gamification of interactive environments can be reimagined through the innovation of platforms such as Decentraland, Somnium Space, Sandbox, Cryptovoxels and a vast array of new and emerging  players entering the field.

At Djenerates we are making avenues into various Metaverses and planning out unique strategies for each channel that we believe is suited best to the features and experience offered by each platform. As an NFT brand focused on music and art, Djenerates aims to not only be accessible within various leading Metaverses but to also drive new traffic and users to Djenerates virtual properties to help build awareness and education around the space.

Amnesia Ibiza
The first Metaverse Super Club in Decentraland is located in Decentral Games and operated by world renowned clubbing brand Amnesia. Through our close partnership with Amnesia and Decentral Games, Djenerates NFT holders have special access to the VIP Balcony in the virtual club.

Decentral Games

Through our partnership with Decentral Games we are delivering virtual experiences that blend