About Us

The DJENERATES team are a group of industry experts from the NFT world, together with music industry professionals joining forces to develop a framework that encompasses community and music in a way that has never been achieved before. Through the innovation of NFTs and blockchain comes the opportunity for a paradigm shift that will empower and inspire artists with new tools and resources.

It is the DJENERATES vision to foster and drive that opportunity for all artists looking for a new path to successfully follow their passions.

The Drop

A collection of 10,000 unique NFTs immortalising the iconic characters from the electronic music world from clubbers and DJs to bouncers and dancers. This is your VIP pass into the exclusive world known as the DJENERATES.

30 Superstar DJs will be airdropped to DJENERATES NFT holders that are in possession of a white label record.

Superstar DJENS airdropping on the 30th September.

DJENERATES is a music-centric ecosystem that aims to provide artists with a host of tools and functionality for engaging in the NFT economy through various Apps, marketplaces and platforms. We have partnered with some of the biggest music brands and artists worldwide to deliver an all-inclusive framework that offers unprecedented NFT utility and experience. By joining the DJENERATES, you will be at the ground level of a pioneering music community at the forefront of a creative paradigm shift.

To participate in the drop visit www.djenerates.online at 3pm UTC on the 24TH August 2021

Enter The Club

Owning a DJENERATES NFT provides you with VIP access to the most exclusive club in NFT town, which includes Metaverse events, Special edition NFTs from leading artists, metaverse wearable give-aways, and access to beta versions of APPS and platforms being built on the DJENERATES ecosystem.

The best part is that you can choose to sit back and watch the ecosystem blossom or take part in the various channels and initiatives being developed. Projects are launched internally by the DJEN Team.

JENR8 Mobile APP

The JENR8 mobile APP is currently in MVP stage and due for launch in APP stores at the end of October 2021. JENR8 combines
NFT capabilities with popular social media features and provides members with functionality to create NFT galleries, mint NFTs, and
engage in conversations with the community. JENR8 currently supports ERC-721 and ERC-20 tokens with an outlook to support all
popular NFT protocols.

JENR8 will also deliver a dedicated music component where members can discover, stream, and collect music added to the JENR8 NFT Music charts.
Harnessing NFT technology and blockchain innovation, JENR8 aims to spearhead a new mechanism for music artists that provides a more financially
rewarding system than the current streaming models available today.

NFT Music Charts

The JENR8 Music charts are an agnostic platform for artists to submit their NFT music to. It will support NFTs minted on Ethereum,
Binance Smart Chain, and WAX with additional protocols slated in the roadmap. Through an API, we plan to make integration
available to all the major NFT platforms. The Music Charts will be a Web 3.0-hosted platform which integrates with the
JENR8 APP and our music partners.

The Vision

At its core, DJENERATES are generative NFT characters with over 400 unique traits designed with love and care. They aim to represent
all the fabulous characters and identities that have contributed to the electronic music world and helped shaped our lives and friendships
through the amazing power of music. Owning a DJENERATES NFT is your VIP pass to an exclusive club that celebrates music, art, and
life through the synergy of community and innovation.

Our vision for the future is to provide artists, as well as music and art lovers with the opportunity to connect and prosper in a highly
creative and supportive framework. Our goal is to deliver a decentralised incubator that offers rewards for every participant from
artists to collectors and enthusiasts.

This is only the beginning of the journey and we invite you to join us as we party into the meta-verse and beyond!


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