Our first version of the Djenerates HQ Gallery build is now live in Somnium Space.

This is the bare bones structure without any decor or art yet but I think it will give you a great idea of what the venue will become. The interior floors will be decorated with NFT art and also be the meta-home of Satoshi Records.

On the rooftop you will see the main screen where we will run label and exhibition parties.

You can view the plot via a browser or enjoy the full experience through VR which is pretty dope.

I hope you like what we have created so far and be sure to keep checking the space and look out for announcements as we evolve. Click on the link below to get teleported to our parcel directly.


If you would like to download the VR Client head to : https://somniumspace.com/

Somnium Space Screen

For those of you wanting to experience Somnium Space in VR you can download the Client software.

There are two ways to get in. If you don’t have a VR headset, click on the 2D icon. This will load up the VR environment in a 2D space so you can see and experience the space with other users whether they are using a VR headset or using the 2D client.

If you have a VR headset, click on the VR icon to enter Somnium Space in Virtual Reality mode. When you first spawn into the world you will be in the town centre. Djenerates HQ is a short walk form the main Somnium high rise building. Walk down the stairs just past the teleporters and turn right. Keep walking up the path until you find us. Use the Map above as a reference for our location or checkout the speed run video below.

How to get there in VR | Speed Run