Welcome to the Djenerates Global DJ Search, in association with DJ Mag, Amnesia Ibiza & Klubcoin. Below you will find a detailed outline of the process for participating.

Unearthing the winner will happen over the course of several months between June 11th – August 27th.

Throughout the search entrants will share mixes and videos of performances which will give the judges and community an opportunity to learn about the DJ’s style, technical abilities, creativity and track selections.

Each week bonus points and NFT give-aways will be awarded for Mixes and challenges of the week.

June 10th – Entries close
June 11th – Search begins
August 15th – 24 Semi-finalists chosen
August 20th – Semi-finals performance
August 27th – Finals
TBA – Amnesia Ibiza event

In order to select 24 semi finalists we have implemented a leaderboard system. Points will be awarded through a combination of weekly challenges and sharing of DJ sets. The leaderboard will be available for public view in The Klub Discord.

The following table displays the activities and associated points earned for activities.

The first step is to visit the Discord here and introduce yourself in the channel titled #dj-mag-comp. Let us know your DJ/Artist name and which country you hail from.
Once this step is completed we will add you to the leaderboard.

5 Points – Intro
Receive points for introducing yourself in the Discord channel #DJ-MAG-COMP.

10 Points – DJ Set/ Mix
One per week max (see criteria)
Entrants are eligible to receive 10 points towards leaderboard activity when uploading a DJ Set or mix.

5 Points – Tracklist
Receive extra points when posting a track list with your mix.

10 Points – Insta Reel or TikTok
One per week max (see criteria)
Awarded when sharing an A-B mix.

5 Points – Live Stream
One per week max (see criteria)
Perform a live DJ stream on a streaming service such as Twitch.

Bonus points will be awarded on a weekly basis for the following achievements.

Mix of The Week – 10 Points
Each week up to three Mixes will be awarded Mix of the Week and receive 10 bonus points. Weekly winners will also receive NFT give-aways and promotion via our Social Media channels.

Insta Reel or TikTok – 15 Points
Each week up to three Reels will be awarded and receive 15 bonus points. Weekly winners will also receive NFT give-aways and promotion via our Social Media channels.


Mix Challenge –  15 Points
Each week, via Discord, we will announce a mix challenge which will typically involve mixing together selected tracks chosen by the community. The weekly winner of these challenges will receive the bonus points.

On August 15th the top 24 DJs from the leaderboard will progress through to the Semi-Finals which take place in the Djenerates Virtual Club in Decentraland. DJs will stream a 1hr set and four finalists will be chosen to go through to the final stage.

The four finalists will DJ a 2hr set live in Amnesia’s Virtual Club inside Decentral Games on the 27th of August.

Taking place at Amnesia Ibiza

None of the options below are compulsory and entrants may choose which type of content to submit.

After posting a mix or social media post you will need to share the link in our Discord so we can verify it and add your score to the leaderboard. This can be done in the #share-mixes channel. When posting include the tag #djsearch

DJ Mixes & Sets
When posting mixes and DJ sets ensure the following standards are met to be eligible for points:
Platform: We will accept mixes posted on Soundcloud, Mixcloud or Youtube.
Mix title – Djenerates Mix #01,02, etc
Description: Created for Djenerates DJ Search 2022
Duration – Minimum 25mins
Must not include – Voice overs or IDs
Tag mix with – Genre + #djsearch

Track Lists
Must include – Track name & Artist

Reels & Tik Toks
Platform: Instragram & Tik Tok.
Description: Djenerates Mix
Duration – Mix two tracks/songs
Video – DJ must be visible via demonstration
Tag mix with – #djenerates #djsearch

Live DJ Streams
Perform a Live Stream for a 25min minimum duration.
Platforms such as Twitch or any live streaming service is acceptable.
Title your stream Djenerates Live Stream and share in the Discord.
Djenerates NFT holders will receive a multiplier of x2 and a total of 10 points.

For the period of the DJ Search, Discord will be our main mode of communication and channel for recording leaderboard activity. We will also be updating and sharing information via email, Twitter & Instagram however Discord will be the best place to find up to date details.

The Discord server is called The Klub, and in there you will find a number of projects dedicated to the Electronic Music industry.

For many members new to Discord it can be quite confusing so we have created some resources to help you find your way around. When you visit the Discord there are a few places to start.

This channel will fill you in on best practices and how to get around the server.

This is the main channel for the Search and where you can introduce yourself and ask questions or just communicate with other entrants.

A channel for sharing your music and mixes with the community.

The hub of the community where the community connects. If you have shared any content let the community know here. If you have questions about any of the projects in The Klub Discord you can ask here.

If for any reason you face difficulties or need tech support you can open a ticket and one of our mods will assist you.

Discord moderators will never DM you first. If anyone messages you asking for personal information do not share and report them to our moderators.

Throughout the Search it is important to tag us where possible which helps us become aware of your activities and submissions.

Find us here:
instagram @djenerates
Tiktok @djenerates.nft

When using hashtags include: