How To Get There?

Click on the button link below and login to Decentraland using your metamask wallet.

Instructional Video

If you are new to NFTs and the metaverse, follow this step by step guide:

Step 1: Install Metamask wallet in your chrome web browser

Step 1

Click on this link to download the Chrome MetaMask Wallet.

For full instructions on how to set up a MetaMask Wallet watch this video:

Step 2: Go to

Get teleported directly to Amensia Ibiza in Decentraland
using this direct link.

Step 3: Turn Right Click on the Mouse to open the door

Step 3

You should have been teleported to the entrance of the club. Use your “WADF” keys turn right and click on your mouse to open the door and enter the club.

Step 4: Explore the Club

Step 4

Turn left or right at the doorway and enter the club.  Once you enter the club you should hear some music streaming. Walk around and use the chat box to mingle with guests.

Step 5: Access the VIP Balcony

Step 5

To gain access to the Amensia VIP Balcony you will need to have a Djenerates NFT in your Metamask or crypto wallet.